Everything Hurts!

I am a dance major at the University of South Florida and this is my first week back.

I have danced for what seems like non-stop for the past 3-4 days.

I am sore

Everything hurts.

I know there are people reading this who may dance, work out, play a sport, etc so I decided to look up some ways to ease those sore muscles that so easily beset us all.

  1. In 2010, a study determined that tart cherries possessed an antioxidant called anthocyanins which was found to help reduce muscle inflamation
  2. A cup of coffee before a workout has been found to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.
  3. The use of extreme cold, called cryotherapy, as opposed to a warm/hot bath after a work out is much more effective. Though the warmer temperatures seem more ideal and are more relaxing, the warm water will only provide mild pain relief. Using ice after a workout, however, prevents muscle damage and promotes muscle healing. 
  4. When all else fails, stretch! Before your muscles stiffen, be sure to get oxygen flowing through them. You can do this by doing yoga, Pilates, or some stretching on your own.

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