Congrats Ariana Grande on 2 Consecutive #1 Albums

Ariana Grande Yours Truly Ariana Grande My Everything

Not only did Ariana Grande reach #1 again, she also sold more copies of her sophomore album “My Everything” than her debut album “Yours Truly”. Though I’ve listened to the first album extensively and to her latest effort as much as possible I am not yet sure which one I like better. In ways she has matured more. The lyrical content of her track “Hands on Me” featuring rapper A$AP Ferg would most definitely not fit anywhere on “Yours Truly”. But, like “Yours Truly”, “My Everything” has some moments that could’ve been left out and not affected the strength of the album. The previously mentioned song could’ve been left off in my opinion. I also find myself skipping the The Weeknd assisted track “Love me Harder”. Also, her latest album, in my opinion, displays a little uncertainty. I don’t think Grande is sure whether or not she wants to be an R&B/Soul artist or a Pop artist. Can she be both? Yes. But I believe that she should be both cohesively. The Big Sean assisted track “Best Mistake” almost sounds like it doesn’t belong on the same album as the Zedd-produced hit “Break Free”. Both are undoubtedly strong songs and vocal performances respectively but do they belong together? I’m not sure. Though these songs on the album are all great in their own right, they almost don’t fit together. Is the future of the album going in this direction? The lets-mix-guaranteed-radio-hits-with-some-stuff-I like-and-see-how-it-goes era? I’m not saying she did that but one could argue that thats how the album can across at times. Overall, though, “My Everything” is a great album! Let me know what y’all think.


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