Self Control/Self Discipline

Sometimes I feel like we are all subliminally taught to give in. If you want it you should do it, buy it, indulge in it, etc. 

But rarely are we taught to say no. To control our urges. That we can’t (or shouldn’t) do whatever you want to do. 

Today I was leaving the gym and I wanted, so desperately, to get Thai boba tea from a place down the road. 

I could’ve gotten it and I could’ve afforded it but I wanted to stick to a budget I had set for myself last week. 

Now, though I am always down for a #TreatYoSelf moment, I had to remind myself that there is absolutely nothing wrong with telling yourself no. There is nothing wrong with disciplining yourself. 

I didn’t get the tea. 

For once, I said no to myself. 

But it made me think, why was this so hard? In what other areas of my life do I just give in? 

How can I further discipline myself? 

How can I gain self control? 


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