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Some Fun Outside! 

Shirt: Target

Shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Nike

Glasses: Ray-Bans


Venice Beach Fun! 

Glasses: Ray Bans

Shirt: Brixton 

Overalls: Topman

Shoes: Nike

Self Control/Self Discipline

Sometimes I feel like we are all subliminally taught to give in. If you want it you should do it, buy it, indulge in it, etc. 

But rarely are we taught to say no. To control our urges. That we can’t (or shouldn’t) do whatever you want to do. 

Today I was leaving the gym and I wanted, so desperately, to get Thai boba tea from a place down the road. 

I could’ve gotten it and I could’ve afforded it but I wanted to stick to a budget I had set for myself last week. 

Now, though I am always down for a #TreatYoSelf moment, I had to remind myself that there is absolutely nothing wrong with telling yourself no. There is nothing wrong with disciplining yourself. 

I didn’t get the tea. 

For once, I said no to myself. 

But it made me think, why was this so hard? In what other areas of my life do I just give in? 

How can I further discipline myself? 

How can I gain self control? 

Be You! All The Time!

On 3/19/17 I had the opportunity to go to Hip Hop & Breakfast. Its a dope get together that dancer/choreographer Ian Eastwood hosts at his home that boasts food, fun, and dance. After we had eaten and conversed, we out to the garage to dance.


As some of you may know, I am a classically trained dancer whose expertise (and heart) is in contemporary and modern dance. So its not like I was too out of place. But “uh-oh” was all I could think. I had brought sweatpants to change into just in case dancing was involved but I had not mentally prepared myself to dance. Sometimes I have to do that when I dance places. I constantly have to remind myself that I love to dance, that I know what I’m doing, etc. But today was different. I was in a space with absolutely INCREDIBLE movers. I was a contemporary dancer at an event called Hip Hop & Breakfast.


I was psyching myself out before I had  the chance to do anything. I was letting myself get insecure about something that I had no business being insecure about. But I eventually got over it.


Songs were playing. People were dancing. KILLING IT might I add. I watched people destroy beats, learn music as they danced. Though I was inspired, I got more and more scared by the minute. But I was brave. When I heard a song that I connected with, I got out there and moved.

It was almost like I came alive. I got lost in the music. I was moving was had never moved before. I was letting the music inform my body. I was dancing. It felt amazing. I was so proud. But imagine if I had let fear stop me from stepping out and moving?

Bravery is when you step out and do something despite fear. Don’t always think about the outcome, consider the process.

I want someone to know that sometimes, it is impossible to kill all of the negative thoughts in your head. But when you step out and be brave despite fear and negativity, you build inner strength.

I encourage everyone to step out and like Nike said, JUST DO IT!

Below is some footage from my dancing at the get together! Enjoy!